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Oporteo PIM

Ecommerce is a fantastic tool that enables you to increase your brand awareness and product exposure. However there are an increasing amount of product descriptions, attributes and images you need to display in order to comply with legislation. You also need to ensure your product information is always correct and relevant, so your customers have a quality online experience.

We know all this can be an overwhelming struggle to manage, so we created Oporteo PIM to help.

Oporteo PIM is a Product Information Management (PIM) system that consolidates all your product information into a central hub. Making it a simpler and more efficient way for you to manage, maintain and distribute product information, wherever it is needed. 


Benefits of a PIM System

Lower operational costs

Decrease your operational costs by having a single data access and maintenance point. This means you can reduce the amount of staff needed to maintain and manage your product portfolio, as well as eliminate the need for staff to duplicate data.

Better data quality

Increase your data quality with product lifecycle and review controls which reduce errors. A range of data fields are included so you can record specific product attributes for particular purposes separately, eg, description and web description.

Supports food regulations

Be fully compliant with legislation by maintaining legally required data in a single repository. Oporteo PIM includes a number of management tools so you can monitor and review if data is complete.

Improved business agility

Improve your business agility by being free of the constraints of your ERP system. Maintain separate data such as hierarchies, attributes, language sets. You will have the ability to add or amend product attributes quicker and easier.

Reduced time to market

Reduce your time to market by streamlining the process from product inception to sale. With management controls you have complete transparency on the status of product development and data.

Increased security

Increase the security of your critical data by having a central repository for all your valuable product data which can be controlled, secured and backed up.

Key features of Oporteo PIM 


Add, edit and publish an extensive range of products, descriptions attributes, images, links and videos, wherever they are needed. This means you can ensure your internal product data is always relevant to customers across all your channels.

Integrated management

Monitor the progress of your data with a range of integrated management tools. This is essential for growing businesses who need to keep on top of expanding product portfolios, multiple suppliers and partners who supply direct delivery services.

Workflow processes

Capture, review and publish data efficiently and effectively with in-built workflow processes. With the number of sales channels growing, these processes will reduce the need to duplicate data-input and ensure your product information is consistent everywhere it is displayed.

User-friendly interface

Maintain and manipulate large product data sets easily with a user-friendly interface which includes carefully designed tools and upload facilities.  This will help automate and expedite the whole data management process.

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