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Introducing Oporteo PIM

A simpler way to manage, monitor and maintain your product data

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Exploit the opportunities in contemporary B2B Ecommerce for food and drink distribution with Oporteo


Helping B2B companies take advantage of a multitude of ecommerce opportunities.


Why choose Oporteo B2B ecommerce?

Oporteo is built on our extensive knowledge and 35 years’ experience of the wholesale, distribution and food service sectors. Based on the market leading Magento 2 platform, it is designed to help you increase revenue, reduce costs and develop new opportunities. If you are looking to deliver exceptional Omni-channel customer experiences, as well as stay ahead in an ever-changing market, then the Oporteo package offers hundreds of features specifically designed to fit the unique and sophisticated requirements of B2B companies.

Find out how Oporteo B2B Ecommerce can help your wholesale, distribution or foodservce Food & Drink business


Find out more about Oporteo and the unique value B2B ecommerce can provide for your business.

See the benefits of B2B ecommerce and Oporteo for the food and drink distribution and foodservice industry.


Explore the benefits of Oporteo and the range of opportunities B2B ecommerce gives.

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B2B Ecommerce Benefits and Opportunities

Here are just some of the benefits of using Oporteo

See how Oporteo can help your business.

Increase Revenue

Expand your reach and merchandising capability for new, innovative opportunities to drive incremental growth and new channel opportunities.

Lower Operational Costs

Oporteo helps reduce the costs of doing business, increasing your competitiveness and growing your bottom line

Grow Your Business

B2B ecommerce customers, educated by the retail sector are demanding the convenience and value added service facilities offered by online channels. Oporteo helps strengthen your customer service offer, helping to attract and retain customers.

Increase Business Agility

Change in the market is always inevitable. Oporteo is simple to manage and change, so keeping your site current fresh, and responsive to market change and new initiatives is easy.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Lower the total cost of ownership through Oporteo software as a service, which covers software, support, maintenances and upgrades in a cost effective subscription model.

New B2B Ecommerce Opportunities

New Opportunities

Through its extensive reach and the low cost of customer engagement, the internet is enabling a number of disruptive business models and a platform for new channels and routes to market.

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We have worked in the wholesale, distribution and food service industries for over 35 years, so give us a call to find out how Oporteo can fit into your unique business processes.

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What will I get?

Key Features


Supports complex pricing mechanisms for customer specific pricing, discount and promotion models, all updated in real time.


Give your customers the same online experience they are accustomed to through retail websites.  Oporteo provides designs which are modern, intuitive to use, and convey your own brand personality.


Keep your site fresh and up to date with the easy to use visual designer. You don’t have to be a developer to make changes, while a complete separation of business logic and UI keeps the functionality safe.


Reduce customer service calls by giving your customers a holistic view of all their account activity.  Allow users to view orders statuses, invoices, statements, and outstanding payments.


Allow customers to find your products easily with the industry leading Elasticsearch algorithms. Give your users the Google-esque searching experience.


Access to an experienced customer service team as part of the Oporteo packaged solution.  Ensure maximum availability and performance with our optional hosting and managed service.


Optimised and Portable across desktop, mobile and tablet. Giving your customers choice and allowing them to order from you on the go.


Oporteo supports wholesale quantity mechanisms, such as cases and splits, with dynamic display pricing.


Increase your revenue channels by allowing supplier advertising on your store.


Project rich product data from your ERP or PIM solution, giving your customers access to the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions and access the technical data they need.


Time… For those customer in a rush, minimise ordering times with our quick ordering feature. Designed even to be usable with one hand behind your back.


Increase the basket spend of your customers with the ability to upsell products with better margins and cross sell complementary product while users browse your store.


Open your product range to public viewing to increase exposure and search listing (or not if you prefer).  Provide user management to your customers with integrated approval workflows, and user level purchasing permissions.


Oporteo offers a unique approach to integration. Designed to project your business data and logic directly onto the website from you back office systems, high levels of consistency is delivered to your customers and the costs and risks of developing and maintaining integration reduced.


Make informed business decisions with Oporteo’s analytics. Reduce abandoned baskets, bounce rates, gaps in the product range and increase basket sizes.


Have customers in different sectors? No problem, display different store fronts for different customer groups with tailored advertising, promotions, and catalogs.

The Oporteo package offers hundreds of B2B ecommerce features specifically designed to fit your unique and sophisticated distribution and wholesale business requirements.

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