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From veganuary to premium gins and speciality teas, trends in the food and drink industry are continually changing in accordance to what consumer’s want. This year bold and exotic flavours, with a particular focus on health and wellness, are expected to be at the forefront of consumer food preferences.

However, as a result, B2B customers are demanding more choice, faster fulfilment and greater flexibility from their suppliers in a bid to keep up with these continually changing trends. The fast-moving pace of technology also means they are expecting a seamless and consistent customer experience across all digital platforms so they can readily engage with businesses and response times are immediate.

Wholesalers need to be able to react rapidly to these changing needs, behaviours and expectations in order to thrive in today’s competitive market, because branding, reputation and product catalogues are no longer enough to avoid losing customers to more-engaging competitors. The delivery of a personalised customer experience is now essential and wholesalers must embrace digital platforms to ensure their customer service levels are maximised.

Three digital platforms which will add value to customers experience:

The 24/7 convenience of ecommerce is a growing demand of customers because it provides real-time availability and personalised offers to help them get the best deals. With access available through desktop, tablet and mobile devices, ecommerce supports your customer’s individual preferences and circumstances.

Customer self-service portal
One of the best ways to strengthen customer service is enabling customers to have active management of their data and preferences through a personalised self-service portal where they can easily access their information, payment history, outstanding orders and invoices.

Electronic proof of delivery (EPoD) app
Integrated with your back office ERP system, an EPoD app manages interactions between the driver and your customer during the delivery process. It provides real time information and centralised reporting so you can easily manage customer queries. This is particularly useful for food and drink wholesalers who may have multiple product types, restricted delivery time-windows and need accurate deliveries to meet customer demands. Find out more

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