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Provide self-service facilities for customers
Streamline your customer service by giving customers access to their own dedicated account portal. A one-stop self-service solution that enables customers to view their account, purchase history and invoices — even for orders placed via other channels, such as phone or fax. 

A survey by WBR Insights found that 67% of businesses plan to implement self-service solutions. The goal of which is to empower customers to resolve common queries themselves.

Oporteo comes with a customer self-service portal as standard, 

Ensure your Shopping Carts can handle B2B purchasing volumes 
Various research has concluded that customers will abandon their shopping cart if it takes too long to checkout. As a result, you will lose sales opportunities and potentially repeat business.

For your ecommerce site to work at its best, you must meet your customer’s needs at every stage of their purchasing journey, including the shopping cart, which is essential for B2B ecommerce success. It’s where sales are made and revenue is generated. 

Luckily, Oporteo ecommerce ensures that large orders with 10’s or 100’s of order lines typically associated with B2B purchases, do not affect the performance of your shopping cart.

Check out our Shopping Cart Research for further information.   

Publish Comprehensive Product Data 
High-quality and comprehensive product information is crucial for managing customer expectations and ensuring active customer engagement. Businesses with expanding product ranges now have to collate and publish various descriptions, product attributes, categories, and images. In addition, nutritional values, allergens and other legally required information.

However, one of the biggest challenges facing wholesalers is managing this mountain of new product information while ensuring it is always accessible and accurate. 

The first step is to ditch the spreadsheets and invest in a Product Information Management (PIM) system. This simplifies the management and maintenance of all this product data because it consolidates everything into a central hub. 

What’s unique about Oporteo PIM is that it is designed for the specific needs of the wholesalers. It not only provides you with a storage solution but also has facilities to streamline data onboarding. It also includes workflows to ensure quality standards and links to a range of sales channels to ensure consistent distribution across multiple channels.

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