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With more and more online purchases being made through mobile devices, sales can now to made anytime, anywhere! Mobile commerce is indeed providing customers with added convenience, but it’s crucial to ensure your customer experience remains as seamless as possible. Here are some top tips on making your customer’s life easier on the go.

Provide Quick Search and Quick Ordering Functionality
B2B customers typically know precisely what they want, right down to the Product Code and Quantity. Oporteo caters to these users by providing a quick ordering section. Customers enter a SKU or product name, along with a quantity to quickly add the product to the cart without having to browse and search, which can be difficult on a smaller mobile device.

Enable Barcode Scanning 
Similarly, enable barcode scanning! All customers have to do is simply scan the barcode of the product they need and an ecommerce system like Oporteo will populate the product automatically into their basket. Easy!

Ditch traditional apps with mobile responsive PWAs 
Traditional Apps can be as much of an inconvenience for customers as a slow-loading website. They rely heavily on customers finding the app and installing it before they can even begin to use it. In addition, they require ongoing investments to keep it up to date and take up space on a customer device. 

An alternative solution would be a Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These are revolutionising mobile commerce because users access them through a website URL. However, users still get an app-like feel, including home screen icons, app-like use interactions and push notifications. Google has described a PWA as “A new way to deliver amazing user experiences on the web.” It uses the latest technologies to combine the best aspects of websites and mobile apps. Thus, ensuring customers always have a high-quality experience. 

Improve image optimisation to protect mobile performance 
Customers demand visual and responsive websites to make it easy to make the right purchases. Having high-quality images and adverts are an essential part of this. However, images can often cause unnecessary problems with site speed and performance. These problems increase if you do not have a mobile-responsive website where images are optimised for a smaller screen, or your site does not have the best caching functionality. In addition, various statistics highlight the importance of a website load time for quality customer experience and Google rankings. Therefore, always consider your mobile users to ensure your site works across all devices. 

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