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Providing excellent customer service can be a challenge for wholesalers if customers only have limited channels to communicate. However, customer service is just as easily achievable online as it is offline, and by diversifying your channels to include ecommerce, you can provide an overall better customer experience.

Reduce Order Processing Errors
We’re all human, and unfortunately, errors can happen when processing customer orders by phone or email. There’s nothing more frustrating for customers because these errors can be costly in terms of time and money to rectify. Not to mention the loss of customer goodwill. Unfortunately, the responsibility for the mistakes often rests with you, the supplier.

This is where B2B ecommerce can come in handy. Encouraging customers to place orders online means you can reduce miscommunication, and customers can self-validate their orders. In addition, orders submitted online eliminate your teams need to process orders manually. Again, this reduces the chance for typos and other errors while decreasing operational processing and fulfilment time per order.

Ensure Consistent Messaging
Too often, B2B customer service can be undermined by inconsistent messaging. Your website says one thing, and your sales rep says something completely different! An omnichannel strategy is key. This will ensure that all your sales channels, including ecommerce, integrate with your back-office systems. As a result, product information is transferred between your systems instantaneously to ensure it is always accurate across all your sales channels. Not only does this reduce the need for manual data entry and system workarounds, but it eliminates inconsistencies and ensures quality online customer service.

Provide Customer Self-Service Facilities
Customers don’t want to waste time ringing you up every time they have a question. Likewise, your sales team don’t want to have their day clogged up having to deal with account queries. So one of the best ways to strengthen your customer service online is to enable customers to resolve questions themselves. A personalised self-service portal means customers can access relevant information about their account, including payment history, outstanding orders and invoices.

Enable Customer Service Feedback
Many customers support teams don’t have time to proactively search for ways to improve their services. However, customers must have a platform to share their thoughts without too much effort. Did you know that 77% of consumers feel more favourable towards a company if they actively consider and act on their feedback? With an ecommerce site, gathering feedback is easy with pop-forms. You can then actively seek out customer reviews and complaints to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Provide a Personal Touch
There remain concerns across the wholesale industry that ecommerce will weaken long-term customer relationships. However, personal connection is still just as important to customers as convenience. So businesses need to consider how they can facilitate online customer service through Live Chat. Essentially, this acts as an online version of your telesales team, enabling your customers to have real-time discussions with sales reps. Beware of chatbot software, however, as these automated messaging services can lack the nuances of human interaction and cause more frustration for customers.

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