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The highly anticipated Google Live Show is always full of new announcements about how they’re improving user experiences. This year core message of the event was centred on the idea of relevancy,  meaning that key changes are afoot to ensure users only see content suitable to their needs.  Outlined below are some new digital marketing products and features coming into effect in 2019 that will help you improve targeting and maximise your conversations.   

Audience Expansion Tool
This new tool is designed to help you optimise your online presence by making you more visible to people who look and behave similarly to your current customer base. It is similar to Facebook’s  ‘Lookalike Audience’ feature in that it will increase the number of people who find you by ensuring that your offers are relevant and useful to them.

Discovery Ads
Following the launch of Google Discover, an app that allows you to curate topics and news you’re interested in, they are now introducing a way to advertise on it. This will be in the form of swipe-able image carousels that help your target audience discover more about your products. However, these are not just limited to the Discover App, you will be able to publish Discovery Ads across other Google products, including Youtube feeds and Gmail promotions.

Gallery Ads
Google is setting out to make searching and finding information more interactive and visual for users. Their goal is to not only enable users to find products/services relating to their search queries, but to make them more visually appealing in order to induce clicks. Similar to Discovery Ads, Gallery Ads will sit in a carousel format so that your customers can easily swipe through your images. However, these will only sit on top of a search results page, rather than be featured in news feeds.

Bumper Ads Machine
Love them or hate them, the 6 second adverts at the beginning of YouTube videos have been proven to leave a memorable impression on viewers. However, Google understands that many businesses don’t have the time or resources to create these short, professional snippets, and are more likely to spend time on long-form video content. To help, Google has announced the launch of Bumper Machine. A new tool within the Google Ads interface that will turn any video shorter than 90 seconds into a collection of YouTube-ready Bumper Ads, at no extra cost!

Google Shopping Ads
Shoppable content is becoming increasingly popular following the launch of the Checkout feature on Instagram. Now Google wants in on the action, so they have enhanced their Shopping Ads in a bid to compete with online retail giant Amazon. Not only will they now be featured in image results, Google Discover feeds and Youtube feeds, users will also be able to purchase products directly from their search results.

Local Campaigns Ads
In line with Google’s goal to make a user’s experience as relevant as it can be, they have updated the algorithm for local campaigns ads. There is going to be a new feature to help businesses attract physical customers to their location by promoting brick-and-mortar stores across Search, Maps and Display. These ads will work similar to standard Google Ads, all you need to do is provide store location, ad copy, some images and your budget. Google Ads will then optimise Ad delivery to maximise your visibility to customers. It may be a one to look into if you’re a cash and carry wholesaler looking to attract new customers!

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