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We invited our clients to take part in a survey to determine how wholesalers engage with digital marketing. As well as find out if it’s a valuable tool for business growth. The results showed that 85% understand the importance of digital marketing. However, they were surprised to see only 38% develop frequent strategies. So why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of the opportunities available to them?

Firstly, only 31% said they have an allocated digital marketing budget. This doesn’t mean they are not spending money on marketing campaigns. It is more likely that they don’t have a process to track campaigns against financial costs. Andy Pratt, Sales Executive said “A marketing budget is essential for the wider business strategy. Without one you can easily invest in the wrong marketing platforms which do not generate positive results.”

Secondly, as digital transformation is such a hot topic 70% said they had recently rebranded or launched a new website. However, technology on its own is no longer enough to survive and thrive in ever-changing markets. Websites need to provide customers with instant information, services and help.

Unsurprisingly then that SEO and content marketing are the top areas which respondents said they want to improve. “Providing content is an excellent cost-effective way to demonstrate that you understand your customers’ needs and are willing to help them fulfil them.” Andy continues “Take for example, a restaurant who wants to redesign their menu for summer. A foodservice business could create a recipe blog for customers which features key products.”

Finally, a lack of resources and suitable skills may be why digital marketing in the sector isn’t as prominent as it should be. Two-thirds of businesses surveyed only have a small marketing team. We assume they use channels that are easy to implement and manage. It takes a full team of individuals to strategies, coordinate and implement a digital marketing plan so it’s important to have the right team with sufficient expertise.

This means that despite respondents saying they undertake frequent digital marketing activity, 54% outsource certain things. There can be many pitfalls with this as well. The biggest being when marketing agencies fail to understand your business or brand.

This is why we expanded our Oporteo platform to include new digital marketing services. We understand that your customers want online services. They are here to support your ecommerce and lead-generation efforts. Contact us to find out more about our digital services by completing the form below. 

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