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Increase Agility

Change in the market is always inevitable so keeping your site current, fresh and responsive to market changes is key. Oporteo offers a number of facilities to help you self-manage your site which reduces external development and consultancy costs, and provides flexibility in the development of changes and design.

Configurable Online Ecommerce Platform

Configurable Online Ecommerce Platform

Oporteo ships with standard templates with numerous configurable options to reduce development costs.

The cost to serve your customers can be reduced by 90% through online channels

Integrated Content Management

Oporteo gives you the ability to develop and manage site content through “What you see is what you get” content management interface. No development experience needed!

Integrated CMS

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Realtime Data from ERP to Oporteo Online Ecommerce Platform

Real-time Data

Reflect changes to product data, offers and promotions immediately as they are changed on your back office system.

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