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Attract and Retain Customers

The convenience of ecommerce is a growing demand of the B2B customer. Influenced by the retail sector, customers are expecting to be able to engage with you, by whatever channel, at anytime of day convenient to them. Ecommerce therefore strengthens your customer service and adds additional value to your customers which will attract new business and ensure customer loyalty.

24/7 Web Commerce Capabilities

24/7 Service Convenience with Ecommerce

Ecommerce provides customers with 24/7 ordering services so they can access your services whenever they want and be assured orders are in the system and acknowledged.

Over 75% of the UK population make online purchases (including 65% of the 55 to 65 age range)

Device Independence Convenience

With access available through desktop, tablet and mobile device formats, ecommerce supports your customer’s individual preferences and circumstances.

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Align with Customer Buying Profile

Provide order flows to suit your customer’s preference, whether they are browsing for ideas, searching for specific products, or just wanting to process regular orders as quickly as possible.

74% of B2B buyers prefer to research online

Help Customers to Manage Their Business

As well as providing online trading capabilities, ecommerce enables you to add value to your service offering with a number of different tools. Personalised customer dashboards provide information about previous orders, gives customers access to invoices and statements, and makes it easier for them to see what is going on, all at the click of a mouse!

For larger customers with multiple buyers, it is essential for them to have transparency and control with enterprise visibility of purchasing activity. Multiple user management, user authorisation and security levels through ecommerce gives them control and transparency.

The user interface associated with traditional “order portals” can be a significant barrier to growing your online customers. They expect an ecommerce experience that is attractive, easy to use and reflective of your brand.  A contemporary “retail” style experience coupled with quality graphics and imagery can help you attract and retain customers.

Increase Market Exposure

Increase brand awareness and product exposure with an “open” website capability which provides public visibility of selective product information and ensures you are on your potential customer’s radar. SEO tools can also help you to maximise search rankings.

Protect Against Disruptive Competition

As well as traditional competition, ecommerce is enabling new competition from non-traditional sources such as retailers with established ecommerce and fulfillment channels looking to expand into new markets.  Food distributors have the benefit of established food distribution channels, but need to bolster against these new challengers.

Gain Market and Buyer Behaviour Insights

With integrated site analytics, lost sales and search term usage, you can learn more about the buying processes of current and potential customers to identify potential range gaps.

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