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Reduce Your Operational Costs

An ecommerce store helps you reduce your costs of doing business, increase your competitiveness and grow your bottom line.

Reducing Order Processing Costs with an Ecommerce Store

Your sales team is a crucial part of your customer service and provides a personal touch to build relationships. An ecommerce store  gives customers with an alternative, and complementary, ordering channel that reduces the workload in your sales team and allows them to focus on more value added activities.  Your external sales team can also use the Oporteo ecommerce store to take orders in the field, further reducing workload and providing real time information on site.

An ecommerce store can reduce the cost to serve your customers by 90%.

Reduce Customer Service Costs

Reduced workload for your Customer Service and Finance Teams can also be achieved through an online customer service portal, where order status, invoices and statements can be viewed and downloaded.

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Reduced Costs of Error Management

Online ordering enables self-validation for your customer as they are able to see product information, imagery and prices. This reduces the risk of order errors via misinterpretation over the phone or miskeying.  Responsibility of any errors can also be more accurately attributed.  This reduces the cost and impact of downstream returns management, credits and complaints.

Customers can be assured that when they place an order on Oporteo, all prices are up to date and that an online order always reflects their own negotiated prices.

Reduced Data Management Costs

Integration with back office systems is essential to deliver consistent information to your customers and reduce the management costs of the channel.  By extending the business logic and data of your back office systems onto a website you remove the maintenance and duplication of data and business rules.

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