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Increase Revenue

The reach and merchandising capability offered by ecommerce provides wholesalers, distributers and food service businesses new and innovative opportunities to drive both incremental and new channel growth.


Clear Communication of Wholesale Ecommerce Promotions

Effective Presentation of Offers

Effectively communicate new products, ideas, offers and promotions unobtrusively within the browsing and buying experience and through page banners.

60% of B2B businesses see greater overall spend for customers engaging through multiple channels

Reduce Lost Sales

Reduce lost online sales by using Oporteo’s sophisticated search, merchandising and substitution techniques to ensure you can always offer a response to customer requirements.

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Grow New Wholesale Ecommerce Enabled Business Channels

The internet enables a variety of innovative opportunities to develop new business channels.  From its global reach, and low cost to service, new markets, customer segments and channels can be developed:

  • Expand your geographic reach without the costs or risks of growing your sales teams.
  • Test new markets, initiatives and brands using disposable models.
  • Support lower value customers through lower cost online channels.
  • Support new trading models such as business to consumer (B2C) and B2B2C.
  • Enable trading on behalf of your suppliers and customers through white labelling.


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