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B2B Food and Drink Sector Expertise

We have over 35 years’ experience of working in wholesale distribution industry, particularly within the B2B food and drink sector. This means we have gained extensive knowledge of your business requirements and can provide you with a practical and bespoke solution – Oporteo.

Oporteo has been developed to help B2B food and drink businesses successfully compete in today’s fast paced digital world. Sector specific functionality and process flows have been integrated into the platform to help these business overcome the unique challenges they face, including:

• Delivery times and logistics.
• Low margins and high operating costs.
• Complex pricing structures and B2B customer promotions.
• Fluctuating prices due wider political or economic issues.
• Food Standards Agency regulations.
• Varying customer demographics and personas.
• Ongoing supplier promotions.
• Continually meeting a high level of customer service.

Its unique features now drive market leaders in the food and drink sector and facilitates online trading of over £100m in annual revenues for our customers.


So whether you’re looking to increase revenue, reduce operational costs or just want develop new sales opportunities, Oporteo has hundreds of features to support your long term business goals.

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