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B2B Food and Drink Cambridge-based Company Cheese+ selects BCP’s “Oporteo” to drive forward their ecommerce business

Cheese+ Deli Range now available on Oporteo

Cheese+ joins the Oporteo family

Cheese+ supplies the finest produce to delicatessens, including cheese, charcuterie and olives.  They are constantly on the look out to better their offering and provide the best possible service to their customers.  When they went looking for a cost-effective, innovative solution to launch their ecommerce business, they looked no further than BCP’s Oporteo.  It is ideal for the smaller independent retailer and caterer, helping B2B food and drink organisations keep their costs down and maintain their competitive advantage.

BCP is a well-respected expert when it comes to the food and drink business and Oporteo is yet another innovative addition to their portfolio. It has a contemporary and unique approach to ecommerce and the features which particularly attracted Cheese + were:

  • Designed specifically for B2B food and drink industry
  • Real time integration to the back office
  • Straight forward costs


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