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Wholesalers with ecommerce continue to see significant revenue and order volume growth online. March 2018, in particular, was a record month for orders which were 8.8% higher than the previous peak we saw in November 2017.

Our figures also show there has already been a 30% increase in order volumes since the beginning of 2018; and a 20% increase of online orders when compared with like-for-like sales in March 2017. However, this excludes businesses moving into ecommerce for the first time.

Andy Pratt, Business Development Lead for Oporteo, said “These figures are the highest we have seen since our analysis began in 2015. They show that wholesale customers are adopting ecommerce at an accelerating rate and we are pleased that online demand is growing in line with our predictions.”

Interestingly, there is a higher rate of growth for order volumes compared with revenue. This indicates that wholesale customers are placing orders with greater frequency as they embrace the convenience of buying online.

This is good news, the more customers who use ecommerce means the costs to serve them is reduced. It also enables more customer interaction, thus increasing customer service levels. Both are essential for businesses to differentiate themselves in this highly competitive industry.

“As adopters of ecommerce find new ways to build stronger relationships with their customers through ecommerce, increasing order volume are the result.” Andy continues.

The graph also shows that ecommerce is affected by seasonality and holiday variations like anything else. This predictability means we expect the numbers to rise further ahead of summer, especially with the World Cup in June. We will have to wait for our next update to see if this remains true.

Whatever the occasion, ecommerce is now being used to help wholesalers grow their business. If you would like to read our previous updates on ecommerce growth they are available here.

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