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Ecommerce Software designed around

the unique needs of wholesalers in

the food and drink industry

Oporteo ecommerce is an omnichannel platform with B2B and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) capabilities. The software includes sector-specific functionality and user journeys to help you overcome the unique challenges that the food and drink industry face. It integrates across all your business operations to boost the success of every sales channel.  

Oporteo’s Key Features

Complex B2B Pricing Tools

Oporteo supports a range of complex pricing mechanisms including customer-specific pricing, discounts and promotional models. It also supports wholesale quantity mechanisms, such as case and splits, with dynamic display pricing. 

Quick Ordering Functionality

B2B customers typically know exactly what they want, right down to the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). Oporteo caters to these users by providing a quick ordering section. Customers enter a SKU or product name, along with a quantity into a dynamic form to quickly add the product to the cart without having to browse and search.

Personalised Customer Service Portals

This enables your customers to access their own, personalised dashboard where they can get all the information they need about previous orders, invoices, statements and more. This will save your customer service team time so they can focus on additional value-added activities.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Use Oporteo Business Intelligence to better understand the behaviours and attributes of your customers. That way you can make more informed business decisions, enabling you to optimise products and promotions, drive additional sales and reduce abandoned baskets.


Real-time Product Information

All Product Information and Prices within your ERP and PIM systems are displayed in real-time in Oporteo. This means there is no need for additional software development to try to imitate your businesses’ complex pricing rules on the ecommerce system.

Headless Ecommerce Design

Oporteo has been designed to project your business data directly onto your website from your ERP and PIM systems to ensure consistent information is delivered to your customers, whilst the Business Logic and User-Interface are kept completely separate to keep the website’s functionality safe. 


The essential B2B platform

Ecommerce is a growing because it provides real-time availability and personalised offers to help customers get the best deals. Oporteo’s key features support your customer’s individual preferences and circumstances.

Flexible Design and Maintenance Tools

Oporteo provides designs which are modern, intuitive to use, and convey your own brand personality. It’s also easy to keep your site fresh and up to date with the integrated visual design tools and templates. You don’t have to be a developer to make changes, so you can give your customers the same online experience they are accustomed to through retails websites.


Upsell and Cross-Sell Tools

Increase the basket spend of your customers with the ability to upsell products with better margins and cross-sell complementary product while users browse your store. You can also increase your revenue channels by allowing supplier advertising on your store.


Elasticsearch Technology

Oporteo can effortlessly handle large catalogues with thousands of SKU’s, and it’s easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for with the integrated elasticsearch technology. This offers suggestions for customer misspellings, support for stop words, attribute weighting, and synonym management to increase search relevancy and increase conversion to turn those searches into sales.

Fully Responsive Across All Devices

Oporteo is designed so that it will adapt and display correctly across all desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Allowing your customers to order from you at a time and place that’s suitable for them

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Why choose Oporteo Ecommerce?


Standard or Personalised Design

Oporteo can be offered as standard ecommerce package with all functionality built into a standard configurable site template. This provides a firm foundation onto which you can apply your businesses branding and themes or, if your prefer a fully customized design.

Cost-effective Implementation

Without the need to develop the required functionality or undergo extensive design activities, it means the cost to implement Oporteo is reduced.



All functionality is built into the standard Oporteo ecommerce package, and although configurable through a user administration panel, all functionality can be demonstrated allowing you to see exactly what the solutions will provide.


Early Visibility

During the onboarding of your website, a template site can be made available early in the process to help you visualise the resulting solution.


Fast Deployment

The pre-built industry functionality within Oporteo means that the implementation lead times often associated with ecommerce development are reduced.



Complete Digital Services Available

As well as our B2B ecommerce solutions, we provide a full digital service that encompasses Digital Strategy, Design and Delivery, and Hosting and System Integration. 


“We liked Oporteo because of the system’s
flexibility, which allows us to provide
customers with a customisable
and personal service.”

Calculate your Return-on-Investment

Wholesalers and distributors investing in ecommerce solutions are seeing significant return-on-investment. Find out what benefits you could see by completing our ROI calculator 

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