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Ecommerce ROI Calculator

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Use our ecommerce ROI calculator to discover the significant and game-changing benefits that our Oporteo omnichannel solutions will provide for you.

The deployment and uptake of ecommerce in the wholesale and distribution industry, particularly in the food and drink sector is accelerating. Which means there are many opportunities to grow our revenue and reduce costs.

ROI Calculator


How we work out your Ecommerce ROI

Increase Revenue with B2B Ecommerce
Sales Order Processing Costs
By migrating your existing customers onto an online channel for sales order placement, the workload on your alternative order processing channels will be reduced, allowing you to reduce costs and/or re purpose resources onto more value added activities.
Lower Operational Costs
Customer service costs
In addition to order processing costs, a comprehensive customer service facility that enables customers to retrieve and view the status on orders, invoices and statements etc, will also reduce workload in your customer services area, provided your web site exposes a complete and consistent real time view of relevant customer information.
Grow Your Food & Drink Business
Order Error Costs
Consider the impact of order input errors. Although volumes are typically small, the impact can be significant both in terms of the costs of rectification (on customer services, returns processing, credit queries etc.) and the impact on customer satisfaction.
Increase Business Agility
Printed Media Costs
By providing comprehensive product information on line, the volume of printed media can be reduced. In addition, documentation can be made available online, further reducing stationary, printing and postage costs.
Reduced Cost of Ownership
Increased Customer Revenue
Upsell and cross sell techniques can be used to generate revenue from existing customer using your site. Missed opportunities for out of stock products can be reduced through the proactive offer of alternatives, and relevant promotions presented etc.
New B2B Ecommerce Opportunities
Additional Customer Revenue
As more and more B2B buyers research online, your brand and product offer may be exposed to a greater market of potential customers through natural and paid search. New buyers will be able to find you and customers who desire online facilities will be attracted.