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Developing a “Customer Experience Edge” means creating a positive impact throughout the customer’s journey, from start to finish. With ever-expanding ways for customers to interact with you, providing a consistent and synchronised experience across all your channels can be a competitive advantage.  

Technology is the secret ingredient in achieving the Customer Experience Edge as it enables you to create a strong presence on a large scale and at low costs. Outlined below are how Food and Drink Wholesalers are utilising Oporteo to stand out from the competition.  

Brook Street  
Stimulated by the impact of the Covid-19, Brook Street recognised the need to provide a superior online service to their customers. As a result, they opted to replace their existing Mobile App with Oporteo’s more responsive capabilities. 

Responsiveness is one of the main ways to gain a Customer Experience Edge. Being able to adapt quickly to changing trends reduces delays and disruption on your customers. As well as minimising the chance of them looking to your competitors for what they need.  

Oporteo can adapt and display correctly across all desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Thus, allowing your customers to order from you at a time and place that’s suitable for them. Oporteo also makes it easier for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking with integrated elastic search technology. This feature responds to customer searches to offer the most relevant suggestions. As a result, businesses using this feature are more likely to increase conversions by turning customer searches into sales. 

T.Quality adapted its operations for D2C trading by launching a multi-branch ‘Click and Collect’ service. As a result, anyone can now shop online and collect orders at their convenience, which has expanded T.Quality’s customer base.  

To have a Customer Experience Edge, convenience is vital. Ensure that you’re offering customers relevant choices across your products and services. Have multiple channels that customers can engage with, website, app, telesales, field sales etc. But make sure that these channels are relevant and accessible for them to use.  

Pioneer Foodservice 
Pioneer Foodservice wanted a modern ecommerce solution that would amplify their brand and help them stand out from their competition. So they choose Oporteo, not only for its standard functionality with industry-specific features but because it provided a firm foundation for applying their own businesses branding and customised design. 

Oporteo provides designs that are modern, intuitive to use, and convey your brand personality. It’s also easy to keep your site fresh and up to date with the integrated visual design tools and templates. You don’t have to be a developer to make changes, so you can give your customers the same online experience they are accustomed to through retails websites. 

The most fundamental part of delivering an unrivalled customer experience is reliability. You need to be reliable, consistent, and relevant from start to finish. As a result, all Oporteo customers benefit from our responsive platform with quick ordering features, fast load times and real-time information across all channels.  

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