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In today’s fast-paced digital world, the speed of fulfilment is becoming increasingly important. Your customers expect you to deliver faster and cheaper than ever, and keeping up with the demand can be challenging. Find out how an OMS can help you scale your business in 2023 below.

Likely exacerbated by the pandemic, Retail Dive stated in their 2022 press release, “62% of shoppers expect their free shipping orders to arrive in 3 business days”. Further, the research found that “56% of abandoned carts” resulted from “delivery concerns”.


According to Shopify, by 2030, “the global B2B e-commerce market is predicted to grow by another 20%”. The same article continues: “In 2021, manufacturers, through their own websites and apps and on B2B marketplaces, grew e-commerce by 18.4%, to $543.25 billion from $458.7 billion.”. With the market becoming increasingly saturated, the time to scale your business is now. However, as the realm of ecommerce grows in popularity, so do customer expectations and, consequently, wholesalers’ demands on B2B suppliers.

How can you provide an unrivalled customer experience and juggle the expansion of your business? This blog post will explore how you can meet your goals AND your customer’s expectations. 

Automate, Automate, Automate:

Business growth often necessitates some level of pruning. Clearing out time-consuming processes allows your staff, systems and thought processes to concentrate on what’s truly important: acquiring and keeping clients.

As articulated by Forbes, “The ability to “set and forget” certain aspects of the business give us greater freedom to pursue those areas that need our attention.”.  The article continues, “It can also lead to greater profitability in your company” and “contribute to an increase in productivity.”. By aligning your processes and workflows“ in place, you can find opportunities for automation that allow team members the freedom to work on the important tasks that need hands-on attention.”

So, how can you get started with your automation transformation?

How an OMS Can Help You Scale Your Business in 2023:

Let’s start by breaking down what an Order Management System (OMS) is. An OMS enables you to streamline and automate your order fulfilment process, from when the orders are entered into your system until they reach their destination on time. This platform helps you manage all these steps in one place while decreasing manual labour and eliminating errors that can cost time and money.

Andreas Blomst, GM of omnichannel fulfilment software Extensiv, stated in a Shopify article, “By prioritising digital transformation and integrating the right tools into the ecommerce technology stack”, B2B brands can deliver orders to wholesalers “more efficiently”.

With an OMS, you can automate your wholesale process, update inventory in real-time across all channels, and choose the best, most cost-effective delivery route, improving accuracy, efficiency, and fulfilment speed. An OMS also allows your wholesale customers to see all their marketplaces simultaneously, making tracking orders and couriers and quickly spotting your bestsellers easier.

Outpace Your Competition with an OMS:

An OMS is a great tool for wholesalers wanting to create a competitive edge in e-commerce. With automation and centralisation of business functions, an OMS can help you beat your competitors by delivering orders quickly and consistently. This will give your brand credibility and building customer loyalty.

“Better order management tools that sit between the ordering platform and the warehouse will become commonplace to provide order fulfilment routing to the best location with available inventory, allowing businesses to deliver wholesale orders as efficiently as their B2C orders.”

– Andreas Blomst, GM of Extensiv.

In short, if you are looking to expand your business in 2023 and provide unbeatable customer service experiences, an Order Management System (OMS) is paramount. An OMS will not only enable you to outpace competitors with order fulfilment speed and centralise your processes for enhanced accuracy and efficiency. This streamlining can result in quicker orders, leading to heightened customer satisfaction rates; wholesalers gain the capacity they need for growth while simultaneously delivering unparalleled services.

Get in Touch:

At Oporteo, we offer an OMS that enables wholesalers to manage stock, process orders better, and pick, pack, and dispatch across all channels. Some key features we’ve worked to incorporate are centralised order tracking, real-time inventory management, faster shipping and fulfilment, and returns and reverse logistics handling. This makes it easier for you to operate more effectively. Over the next few weeks, we’ll touch on these features in more detail, so don’t miss our next blog posts.

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How an OMS can help you scale your business in 2023