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Did you know that businesses can spend up to 60% of their IT budgets on running outdated and ineffective systems? While the financial cost of maintaining these systems should be a major concern, there are several other ways that obsolete technology and unsuitable applications can hinder your business growth. We wanted to highlight some of the key signs you need to look out for and solutions to overcome them:  

Poor productivity  
esearch shows that over 40% of UK employees waste three hours or more per day because of inefficient systems and processes. For example, staff having to import information from one system to another, or export data into spreadsheets for further analysis. If this is the case, your business is not as efficient or productive as it could be.  

Why not check out Oporteo PIM, a Product Information Management solution designed to help you gain more control and efficiency of your product data management processes.

No customer loyalty   
Customers forced to follow time-consuming systems or processes will seek out more user-friendly competitors. Without a sleek, modern platform, you may even repel potential new customers from engaging with you. This is because your branding and business reputation are responsible for at least half of your businesses market value, and one bad review can cost a business up to 22% of potential customers.  

In contrast, businesses that deliver excellent customer experiences can achieve revenue growth between 5% – 10% and cost reductions of 15% – 25% within three years! As Amazon and other digital competitors expand, can you afford not to have a platform that delivers a responsive online experience?  

Oporteo provides designs which are modern, intuitive to use, and convey your own brand personality. It’s also easy to keep your site fresh and up to date with the integrated visual design tools and templates. You don’t have to be a developer to make changes, so you can give your customers the same online experience they are accustomed to through retails websites. 

Unreliable business data   
Unfortunately, legacy systems often have limited reporting capabilities, and businesses can struggle with a lack of centralised real-time data. Thus, leading staff to find information from different sources, which in turn creates inaccurate or incomplete reports. To remain competitive and respond to time-critical issues, you and your customers need access to real-time information. The ability to see the latest business activity and performance is one of the hallmarks of a modern digital supply chain.  

On Oporteo, all Product Information and Prices within your ERP and PIM systems are displayed in real-time. This means there is no need for additional software development to try to imitate your businesses’ complex pricing rules on the ecommerce system.  

Limited innovation capability due to inflexibility  
The problem with legacy systems is that they are no longer maintained by the provider. As a result, they are not agile enough to meet changing business needs or regulatory demands. This inflexibility hinders business growth because you cannot implement new ideas, services, or products without significant development.  

If left unchecked, legacy systems can create infrastructure holes, application issues and data gaps. If you have a web-ordering system that no longer meets your customers’ needs, you should upgrade it to a more modern ecommerce solution. Initially, this may seem like an expensive exercise. However, it will cost less than nursing an old system in the long term. By replacing these systems with more suitable digital platforms, it means your businesses can transform your current processes to increase agility and improve customer service.   

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