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Wholesale customers are always busily preparing for next festive season, sports event or national celebration. However, if you fail to prepare for the increase in website traffic that comes from a great seasonal campaign, you could end up with unhappy customers unable to make purchases. Does your website have what it takes to survive seasonal peaks across the year?

Listed below are our top tips to help you get your website ready for seasonal peaks, now and in the future.

Internal Communication
It may sound obvious, but everyone across your business must know about the campaigns you are planning.  A successful campaign will lead to higher website volumes and more orders to fulfil. By ensuring your team knows and understands what to expect, they can ensure all the necessary resources are in place to make the campaign a success.

Brief any external IT and digital partners
You also need to brief website hosting companies or digital agencies to make sure that your website can handle increased traffic. If not, your servers could get full and your website may stop running. By liaising with your website partners, they will be better able to support you with any problems that may arise. If anything were to go wrong with your website, your external partners are key to getting you back online with minimal disruption to customers.

Website Performance Testing
With any seasonal campaign, it’s important to ensure your website will be able to handle increased traffic. The speed that your website pages load is important for visitor retention. A majority of website users will abandon a site that takes too long to load Image optimisation, server cache and security encryption all impact website speed. If you have an Oporteo platform, your website will have the latest caching technology preloaded. This means all page your pages will load lightning-fast. There are several free tools to help you test your website performance, including Google’s analysis and insight tools.

Decide what metrics you want to track
Google Analytics is an excellent tool that enables businesses to track and analyse a plethora of website statistics. However, the normal analytics your team use may not be enough to track the ROI for a seasonal campaign. We recommend you create a Custom Report within Google Analytics to showcase specific metrics you want tracking. That way they’re easily at hand for when you need a quick update. These reports can display anything within Analytics, including Total Website Visitors, Traffic Sources, Conversion Rates, Bounce Rates and Top Pages.

Optimise your website for mobile
Today’s digital-first customers are now more likely to use their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet than a desktop computer. It is therefore essential that your website is optimised and responsive to mobile devices.

To find out more about how to optimise your ecommerce website and maximise your sales please contact us.

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