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In a previous blog post, we addressed a concern many business leaders have about ecommerce – its impact on customer loyalty. It’s true, the development of ecommerce means your customers now have more choice and freedom to shop around for the best deals.

However, despite the convenience that online shopping brings, personal connections are still important. Which is why chatbots and messaging apps are becoming more popular. Essentially, they act like the online version of your telesales team, enabling customers to have real-time discussions about your products and services.


People’s preference for using online messaging is clear by the plethora of messaging apps on the market. As well as the time people spend using them. According to Apptop Analytics, 85 billion hours were spent on WhatsApp alone between May and July 2018.

So will WhatsApp be the next big channel for wholesalers? Perhaps. Many people are already using mobile devices to work, so online messaging services may be something for you to consider. Especially now that they provide immediate financial ROI, more commonly known as conversational commerce.

Conversational commerce is when someone makes a purchase via a chatbot or messaging app. Its gathering momentum across the food and drink industry as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated. For example, Morrison’s are using Amazon’s Alexa to help consumers create orders. In America, FreshDirect and Subway have Masterpass enabled chatbots that enable customers to browse and buy products via Facebook Messenger.

Ecommerce has already paved the way for wholesale customers to place single item orders, instead of traditional bulk orders. So conversational commerce may be the next step to providing them with faster and cheaper fulfilment. As well as increasing your sales! So if you want to stay ahead of your competition and safeguard customer loyalty, this could be an added value service you want to consider.

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