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Are your business processes highly efficient and functional from start to finish? Can your employees see a full view of all relevant customer data resulting in well-tuned operations?

Drive efficiency and effectiveness through operational excellence
A critical competitive differentiator for wholesalers is achieving optimal levels of accuracy in ordering, billing, and delivery. If orders don’t get despatched as promised or sales reps can’t quickly answer fulfilment queries, you have too many broken promises. As a result, customers will no longer consider you reliable – one of the essential elements of an excellent customer experience.

Therefore, order management is an area that wholesalers can no longer compromise on excellence. To meet wholesalers’ complex logistics needs, an Order Management System (OMS) is the perfect solution. It provides centralised order tracking and real-time inventory management. That enables you to manage stock better, process orders and then pick, pack and despatch across all channels.

Do you engage with customers in the digital ‘always on’ way and provide rich and consistent interactions across all channels?

Make every customer interaction count
One negative experience can become costly because of lost revenue and missed opportunities, the expenditure of resources to fix the problem, and a damaged reputation.

No matter how customers want to engage and interact with you, it must be consistent, convenient, and enriching on an array of channels. You need to be where your customers are, whether that is social media, the call centre, your website, or a mobile device. Whatever the channel, the experience you offer must meet and anticipate their needs.

Therefore, you must replace any failing legacy systems with digital-first platforms that provide essential omnichannel capabilities. As well as integrate all back-office systems with customer-facing platforms to give a single, seamless customer experience.

Do you collect customer information and then analyse it for insights? Do you integrate these insights with existing applications and processes to improve your decisions and create well-targeted product offerings?

Capitalise on customer insights for better decision making
Smart and strategic decision making has always required insight into customers based on information that you already have or can acquire. However, companies need sharper insights into customers than ever before. With the number of online customers increasing, more customer data is available to analyse for actionable insights. The challenge is developing insights that go beyond the ordinary and lead to competitive advantage.

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