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The delivery of personalised customer experiences has become a hot topic recently as advancements in technology, such as AI and IOT, enables businesses to connect directly with individuals on a mass-market scale. Top retailers like Coca Cola and Starbucks are already on the bandwagon, but getting personalisation right always easy. Outlined below are 3 things you need to consider.

Personalisation is becoming a key differentiator for your customers
Research over the past 5 years has proven that personalisation increases conversion, order values, lifetime customer value and marketing ROI. It’s becoming so popular with shoppers that earlier this year it was reported 52% of people switch away from brands that don’t personalise.

Personalisation is more than just a name in the subject line
It’s essential you understand your customer’s point of view when you personalise content, and ensure that it provides value to them across all your channels. For example, a personalised subject line only demonstrates that you know their name. Instead, you need to utilise business Intelligence to understand your customers buying journey, online behaviour and motivation. That way you can provide them with special offers on their most frequently purchased products.

Personalisation is not a generalisation.
Digital disruptors such as Amazon, Facebook and Instagram are all big platforms using personalisation to gain a competitive edge. However, they are also excellent examples of what not to do. The personalised recommendations on these platforms are often based around previous purchases, but is usually the same type of product that has already bought.

For example, if a customer buys a box of tea on Amazon they will then see recommendation for more tea.

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To get to the next level of personalisation, recommendations need to compliment your customer’s previous purchases, such as:

  • Offers on products customers buy regularly, or
  • Products that would complement previous purchases, such as biscuits for the tea. Fashion retailers in particular are doing this well and is definitely something wholesalers can take advantage of.

If you want to get to the next level of personalisation its essential you start utilising business intelligence and data analytics from an ecommerce platform. Otherwise you may lose your customers to your competitors.   

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