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The impact of ecommerce on food and drink retail over the last decade is clear to see, with many companies thriving from the new and complementary sales and engagement channels provided by online platforms. Here we explore the drivers for food and drink ecommerce growth and its impact on wholesale and distribution. 

Analysts predict strong growth for B2B food and drink ecommerce so the next few years will be critical for the wholesale and distribution industry. Early adopters of digital transformation initiatives will flourish and those who don’t will fall behind.

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Market Forces
It is easy to see the impact the internet has had on our lives and the incredible growth of online commercial activity. The adoption of ecommerce within the B2B sector has been slower than in retail. However, environmental developments and emerging competitive pressures are gaining traction, so analysts’ predict the same online growth as seen in the B2C space. So what’s driving this prediction?

Generation Technology
There is plenty of discussion on how the millennial generation, brought up in a world surrounded by limitless information, instant communication, and a plethora of devices and mobile communications is changing how we engage with each other.  However, this younger generation is not the only demographic to be immersed in such a world, there is an increasing majority of employees who are now intimately familiar with the internet, ecommerce and the use of mobile technology.

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Informed Buyers
We all have access to limitless and instantaneous information through the internet. It is easy to research and find products and services, and marketing messages are constantly delivered to us through digital channels. As a result, buyers are being empowered to find your competitors, compare commercial offers and research new and alternative propositions more easily than ever.

Influence of Retail Food Ecommerce
The last 15 years have seen a revolution in retail with the development of ecommerce and omnichannel retail propositions. We, as consumers have taken to the convenience and facilities this has offered us, leading to high growth in online transactions and corresponding high levels of investment in ecommerce capability by retailers. The result – we are used to the convenience and rich user experience we can access 24/7. Having no, or only a basic ecommerce facility is no longer sufficient to meet new customer expectations.


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