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In the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for scaling your business. With customer expectations rising alongside the need for faster and more efficient order fulfilment, leveraging automation is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. And when it comes to streamlining your operations, delivering an exceptional customer experience and maximising ROI, an OMS (Order Management System) is your ultimate tool.

But how can an OMS impact your business’s bottom line and ensure a solid return on investment (ROI)? In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the tangible benefits an OMS can bring to your operations and explore Oporteo’s ROI calculator to help you uncover the potential growth opportunities for your business.

Boosting Efficiency and Cost Savings

As we touched on in our previous blog (link), one of OMS’s primary advantages is its ability to enable you to choose the most cost-effective shipping and fulfilment options for each order. According to a survey by Meili Robots, “More than 70% of order fulfilment operations and warehouses that deploy AMRs — especially retail and wholesale industries — have achieved double-digit improvements, stating that the main reason for using robotics is to improve the company’s overall efficiency and productivity”.

An OMS also empowers you to deliver:

  • faster order processing
  • efficient shipping
  • accurate tracking information

—all essential factors in meeting expectations, exceeding expectations, and retaining customers.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Customer experience plays a pivotal role in purchasing decisions, with 73% of consumers identifying it as a crucial factor, according to a survey by PwC. Therefore, providing a seamless customer experience is paramount to success.

By leveraging real-time inventory updates and centralised order tracking, you can give customers transparency, a vital component in building trust and fostering loyalty.

Furthermore, an OMS equips you with the tools to personalise and tailor your customer interactions. By comprehensively viewing your customer’s order history and preferences, you can offer personalised promotions, recommend related products, and provide exceptional post-purchase support. These personalised experiences enhance customer satisfaction, drive repeat business, and increase customer lifetime value.

Unleashing the Potential with Oporteo’s ROI Calculator

Now that you understand the significant benefits an OMS can bring to your business, it’s time to explore how Oporteo’s OMS can specifically boost your ROI. At Oporteo, we offer a comprehensive ROI calculator, allowing you to estimate the potential cost savings, operational efficiencies, and revenue growth that an OMS implementation can generate for your business.

By inputting key metrics such as your average order volume, number of sales reps, and shipping expenses, our ROI calculator provides a customised analysis of the benefits an OMS can have on your bottom line. This invaluable tool aids in decision-making, helping you quantify the return on investment and evaluate the profitability of implementing your own OMS.

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Maximising ROI with an OMS