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There’s little doubt that the blanket of snow covering most of the UK will be causing significant disruption for your businesses this week. Freezing blizzards and biting winds means most schools are closed, public transport is at a standstill and the roads are gridlocked. So no one is getting anywhere, let alone your deliveries.

However the digital age has created a patch of blue sky amongst the grey clouds, meaning plenty of people have the facility to work from home, reducing the impact on normal trading.  But what if your customers can’t access your services?  What if your sales team is not in the office or you are running at reduced capacity to receive and process orders?

This is where an ecommerce platform could help. The 24/7 business operations which an online trading platform provides means that even if your sales team are stuck in the snow, your customers can still access account information, order statuses and order the products they need online!

Ecommerce is not just an online revenue source though, it’s a platform that enables you to engage with your customers and keep them up to date with news, offers and even information about weather related delivery challenges. Contact us to see how online customer service and ordering can offer a complimentary channel for your business and help build your customer service levels.

And remember, ecommerce is for life, not just for extreme weather!

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