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Order Management System that
optimises B2B fulfilment

An Order Management System (OMS) enables you to better manage stock, process orders and then pick, pack and despatch across all your channels. It supports fundamental business processes to help you operate more effectively.

Oporteo OMS Key Features

Centralised Order Tracking

An OMS will track orders from your webstore, marketplaces, retail stores and any other channels. Centralizing and unifying your sales in this way can increase efficiency and productivity, as well as eliminate errors.

Real Time Inventory Management

Simplify your inventory tracking process and increase accuracy with real-time visibility. As a result, you will be able to reduce Overselling, Overstocking and Inaccurate Forecasting

Faster Shipping and Fulfilment

Having an OMS in place is especially helpful for firms that use 3rd-party logistics (3PL) providers as it makes order fulfilment faster and more intuitive!


Returns and Reverse Logistics

With an OMS, handling returns, replacements or re-orders is much more straightforward.   Depending on what’s returned, you can choose whether to write off stock that’s sent back, quarantine it, or add it back to your inventory

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You need Oporteo OMS if…

You use more than one sales channel

With Oporteo OMS you will be able to integrate POS, eCommerce, online marketplaces, shipping and 3PLs.


You can complex logistic need

Fulfil orders easily across multiple warehouse sites with a centralised and real-time system.



You want to scale your business

Easily scale your business without compromising your customer experience by increasing your efficiency.


You want to reduce human error

Automate tasks within Oporteo OMS to eliminate unnecessary errors.


“We liked Oporteo because of the system’s
flexibility, which allows us to provide
customers with a customisable
and personal service.”

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