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Product Information Management

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Having high quality, comprehensive product information is becoming a key asset for wholesale distributors, especially in the food and drink industry. You are now required to have extensive descriptions, product attributes, imagery, datasheets and videos. We understand that this can be an overwhelming struggle to manage, so we created Oporteo PIM, a Product Information Management solution to help you gain more control and efficiency of your product data management processes.

Oporteo PIM’s Key Features


Extensive File Import Capability

As the central repository for all your product information, Oporteo PIM enables you to import all the data you need from a range of file formats, from Excel and CSV files, to multimedia files such as images and videos. 

Comprehensive Data Management Facilities

Oporteo PIM provides everything you need to manage and enrich your product content. Customisable product forms ensure that you can upload exactly what information and digital assets you need. Whilst bulk action tools make it easy to amend the information, boosting your team’s efficiency and productivity by reducing manual effort.

Supplier Information Onboarding

With Oporteo PIM, you will have the power to define an unlimited number of product attributes while seamlessly coordinating the collection, validation, and publication of this data. Through automated collaboration with your suppliers, industry data sources, and internal contributors, you will experience enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and quality.

Workflow Processes

Easily assign different tasks so your team can see what products and attributes they’re responsible for. Oporteo PIM also includes tools that enable you to review and approve data additions or changes to ensure high standards are always met.

The heart of your digital transformation

The saying goes that a business is only as good as its people; however, in a digital world that is now only partly true. People are a vital asset for any company, but they are also only as good as the information they have access to . 


User Rights Management

Easily organize data management tasks so your team can clearly see what products and attributes they’re responsible for. This ensures contributors only access the products and field values they need.


User-friendly Interface

Maintaining and manipulating a large amount of product information sets is easy with Oporteo PIM’s user-friendly interface. It includes carefully designed tools and upload facilities to automate and expedite the whole product information management process.


Data Quality Insights

With Oporteo PIM you can monitor the completeness and overall quality of your data to ensure your product information is being managed correctly and consistently before publication.

Multi-Channel Publication

Not all product information is necessary or appropriate for every sales channel. Oporteo PIM has features that enable you to distinguish various sales channels so you can publish only the product information required. This means that all your various products will display consistently across each channel and reduce the need to manually update the information.

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Why you need a Product Information Management (PIM) System

Better Data Quality

As you can add, edit and publish your product information wherever it is needed,  you can ensure it is always relevant to customers, across all sales channels.


Food & Drink Regulatory Compliance

Ensure full compliance with current and future legislation by maintaining legally required Food and Drink product data, including allergens. You can then respond to changing regulatory demands immediately.


Lower Operational Costs

 Comprehensive import and manipulation tools maximise the efficiency of your product management processes, freeing up your teams’ valuable time


Reduced Time-to-Market

Proactively expedite the collection, embellishment and approval of product information to get products to market faster, and be the first to offer the latest products to customers. 


Improved Business Agility

Be freeing your self from the constraints of your ERP system you will have the ability to add or amend product attributes quicker and easier. 


Increased data security

Having all your product information in a central repository reduces the risks associated with spreading your product data across multiple systems, spreadsheets, file folders and other such distributed repositories.

Product Information Management: From Chaos to Order 

Find out how a PIM system can reduce the burden on your team so they don’t have
to spend valuable time on unnecessary processes and time-consuming tasks.

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