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The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has released their latest statistical bulletin on ecommerce and ICT activity across the UK for 2016 and the wholesale sector is leading the way with £59 billion in website sales, nearly double that of the Transport and Storage sector.

The ONS annual “E-Commerce Survey of UK Businesses” has collated the latest information from the manufacturing, production, construction, and distribution sectors about their ecommerce wholesale activity and usage of information and communication technologies.  Their latest findings for 2016 show that total e-commerce sales by UK businesses in the non-financial sector increased 1.6% to £511 billion from 2015. Although the majority of sales are to consumers, £94 billion worth of sales were made to other businesses or public authorities.

The statistics by ONS comprise of sales received over a website as well as electronic data interchange (EDI), which are B2B sales made by a small number of businesses with large order volumes. Although when broken down the numbers show website sales have grown while EDI sales, have declined.

We believe this is mainly down to the higher cost associated with implementing an EDI system, compared to an ecommerce website. As businesses continually try to reduce operational costs and increase revenue, an ecommerce website such as our Oporteo platform is easier and more cost effective to implement.

When it comes to sales over a website, the wholesale sector is leading the way with £59 billion, more than Transport and Storage with £38 billion, or Retail with £36 billion. These figures clearly demonstrate ecommerce sales are becoming a more prominent revenue stream for wholesalers. The value of website sales alone, by businesses with 10 or more employees, as a proportion of business turnover was 8%, up from 4.9% in 2009.

For wholesalers and distributers to benefit from these sales opportunities investing in a suitable ecommerce platform is essential.  Yet despite these promising figures, many businesses in these sectors are still reluctant to embrace ecommerce opportunities because of perceived challenges such as lack of buy in from senior management, integration issues or the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers.

This is why we built Oporteo, an ecommerce platform specifically designed to help wholesalers and distributers overcome these challenges in an easy and cost effective way. Oporteo’s online ecommerce platform offers a variety of facilities to help businesses self-manage their site, which reduces external development and consultancy costs and provides flexibility in the development of changes and design. It can even be integrated with existing ERP systems which means there is no need for additional software development to imitate complex pricing rules etc. Businesses can be assured that with Oporteo, complex business logic is handled in real time and displayed on a user friendly interface.

So why not take advantage of the range of businesses opportunities ecommerce provides, whether you want to increase revenue, expand your target market or reduce operational costs, Oporteo can help you achieve your business goals. Contact our sales team on 0161 355 3000 or email sales@oporteo.co.uk

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