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Wholesale businesses’ often have a multitude of systems and applications, from ERPs to Ecommerce platforms. All of which offer best practice and specialist functionality. However, one of the most significant barriers to business growth is the failure to integrate these systems effectively.  

Many outdated integration methods result in wholesalers undertaking time-consuming manual processes to keep systems updated. Not only is this a waste of business resources, but it also increases the risk of costly errors.  

One of the best solutions to overcome this is digital integration, which reduces the need to have data maintained across various systems. Digital integration uses APIs to boost your business capabilities by extending the business logic of your back-office systems to other platforms. 

Take pricing as an example; instead of manually updating various back-office and customer-facing systems separately, the digital integration approach delivers pricing information direct from your ERP system to multiple sales channels. This is done by the platform sending a message to your ERP system with the relevant data needed and the ERP system returning the results.  

Other advantages of digital integration include:  

Increased sales opportunities through omnichannel capabilities 
Digital integration uses API technology to connect systems and platforms. As a result, you can easily add new  channels, platforms and technologies into your existing technology landscape. All of which increases your  brand visibility and enables you to reach a wider array of potential customers.  

Better customer service through the availability of real-time information 
One of the most beneficial aspects of digital integration is that information is transferred between your systems instantaneously and ensures it is always accurate. Not only does this reduce the need for manual data entry and system workarounds, but it eliminates inconsistencies and ensures quality customer service.  

Faster time-to-market by becoming more agile  
Wholesalers continuously need to adapt to global events, new regulations and changing customer needs. Agility is, therefore, key. Digital integration makes it faster for you to respond to these market disruptions by enabling you to update information easily. For example, you can replicate new fields within your ERP business system across your platforms instantaneously. As a result, you can gain a more competitive advantage.   

Greater scalability that supports accelerated growth  
Accelerating your business growth is no good unless you can increase your capacity to serve customers without additional costs, such as hiring more staff. Digital integration enables greater scalability by automating manual data-entry tasks and automating processes such as online orders.  


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