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As events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic continue to unfold, businesses across the wholesale distribution sector are undertaking rapid digital transformations to adapt.

Oporteo, a digital solutions provider to the wholesale industry, has been at the forefront of some of these projects. “We have been helping our B2B customers utilise a range of online solutions so they can maintain business levels and offer alternative supply channels to customers,” says Andy Pratt, Business Development Executive for Oporteo.

These solutions have ranged from ecommerce with ‘Click and Collect’ facilities, to van sales solutions. “Recent events have demonstrated the value of direct-to-consumer ecommerce while traditional sales channels have become inaccessible,” said Andy. “When retailers close their doors, opening your own online sales channels to the general public is essential for competitive advantage and growth.”

‘Click and Collect’ has proven popular across the delivered wholesale and cash and carry industry. “This has enabled several of our customers to expand their reach to commercial and public customers,” said Andy.

The Oporteo ‘Click & Collect’ functionality, which was released earlier this year, represents the firm’s continued commitment to helping businesses ‘survive and thrive’ against disruption.

What makes the Oporteo platform unique is that it addresses the specific needs of B2B businesses. “Having worked within the wholesale industry for over 40 years, we understand that the nature of B2B trading is complex. It requires various pricing models, the management of multiple depots and customer product restrictions,” explained Andy.

All these considerations have been taken into account within the Oporteo platform, which makes it easier and faster for wholesalers and distributors to deploy digital initiatives.

If undertaking a digital transformation initiative wasn’t on your radar before the coronavirus pandemic, it should be now, according to Andy. “Implementing initiatives such as ecommerce and ‘Click and Collect’ are not only helping businesses navigate the current situation but will be essential for building business resilience and mitigating future impacts on supply chains.”

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