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The key to your ecommerce success is to ensure that whatever platform you choose, it can integrate with all your back office systems. Wholesalers rely on their accounting packages or ERP systems to run their day-to-day operations, but these systems can operate in isolation. Adding an unsuitable ecommerce platform to the mix means you will have a disparity of business systems that create miscommunication and repetitive data entry.

Connecting your ecommerce platform with your back-office ERP will provide you with a synced inventory system with four key benefits:

Time-saving processes
It removes the need for any double entry which frees up your staff time, as well as eliminates data entry errors.

Real-time data
It provides you with a real-time view of your stock levels because every time a customer buys a product, either online or offline, both systems are updated. This means you will always be able to accurately see what you have available at the time and are less likely to oversell your stock.

Customer personalisation
It makes your customers confidence in your business when they can see the quantity of stock they need is available and is at the price they negotiated. This also means they are more likely to be a returning customer.

Enhanced business intelligence
It synchronises customer details with their online activities and preferences so your staff are able to deal with any enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Our Oporteo package has been built exclusively for B2B businesses in the wholesale sector to help you streamline your sales processes. Contact us to find out more about our range of sector-specific solutions we provide for wholesalers.

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