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Legacy ecommerce systems are dead. They’re difficult to maintain, need constant adjustments, and lack vital functionality needed to compete in today’s fast-paced digital world. There is also an ever-increasing level of digital sophistication which food and drink wholesalers are missing out on. Things like omnichannel capabilities that deliver consistency across all channels and devices, better content management and superior integration.

All of this adds up to businesses having less opportunities, and in the end, being left behind competitors because they have better systems to drive their operations.

According to Oporteo, the future of B2B ecommerce success is reliant on wholesalers migrating to a digital-first ecommerce platform. One that provides advanced tools and functionality, as well as integrates back-office systems with a multitude of customer-facing solutions.

Andy Pratt, Business Development for Oporteo, says “Technology is constantly moving forward, there is always something new. Therefore, having a digital-first platform is essential for integrating with new business solutions more easily.”

Oporteo’s ability to seamlessly integrate with a host of other back-office and digital platforms has been a key driver for their customers. Not only because it reduces time-consuming double-entry of information, but it increases the agility and scalability of wholesale operations.

“Integration between systems is crucial for avoiding problems such as inconsistent sales information or problems syncing stock levels. All of which waste your customers’ time, your business resources and increases the risk of costly errors,” explains Andy.

Wholesalers continuously need to adapt to global events, new regulations and changing customer needs as fast as possible. By embracing the power of a digital-first solution, like Oporteo, wholesalers can better ensure the seamless integration between platforms so that data is updated in real-time.

Ultimately, this will improve the customer experience because you can provide a more personalised service. For example, customer details are synchronised with their online activities so staff can deal with enquiries in much quicker manner. “Like you, your customers are striving to save time and reduce unnecessary manual tasks, so they need comprehensive information that is easily available on any channel,” says Andy.

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